weekly wrap-up: family day

This past week was reading week & family day, and I have had an absolute ball of a time! Although, I must confess... as you'll see from my photos, I have literally done no reading. Despite my grand plans of catching up, getting ahead, and being disciplined in academia, my week for the most part was spent skating, hanging out with family & friends, playing games, and eating yummies :)  I figure most of my classmates are in Mexico, so they can't be that much ahead of me, right?....right.
We had an incredible family day with Caleb's parents, who came up from Claresholm to visit with us! We spent the day skating then had a scrumptious brunch of eggs benny and just had a splendid time catching up. Thanks again, mom & dad for coming all the way up here!

&& Our friend, Joseph, is an international student all the way from Tanzania, Africa. We took him skating for his first time and he just loved it!! It was hilarious seeing his reactions to "skating on knives" and Canadian life :)

I also did something I don't think I have ever actually done....which is to play a full, legit game of Monopoly. Seriously. This game is long...and incredibly painful when you're losing (which I was!) But my Caleb is extremely dedicated to finishing things, so there ya go. One full almost 3 hour long game of Canadian Monopoly, which included a hockey player as a game piece!
This last photo here cracked me up so much. Caleb & I went on a date night out and this was my "fortune"... probably the worst and most pathetic fortune cookie slip I've ever gotten! Good thing I don't place any weight on these things, hehe.

p.s. ♥ clara


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