weekly wrap-up : road trip to Medicine Hat

This past week was full of family fun as Caleb and I did a mini road-trip to Medicine Hat, (Caleb's hometown), to visit with family and meet our newest family member, our adorable little niece! She's the first half-Asian/half-white-y of the family, so we were particularly excited to see what she looked like...maybe our own kids will look a little bit like her, who knows! =]

Anyways, here's out week in a glimpse: I caught 28 fish in 2 hours (new record for me... I've only caught one fish before this!), made a deer friend, spent glorious amounts of time relaxing with my man and playing with all our nephews and nieces, and saw a herd of prong-horned antelope for the first time in my life. God is good.

p.s. ♥ clara


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