Pudgy Pig Vintage Funny-Animal Comics - It’s Murder out There!

Pudgy Pig and bad guy with a gun funny animal comic book
In a nice variation of the classic Count Screwloose storyline, Pudgy Pig yearns to leave the farm, but soon finds out there’s no place like home!
Pudgy Pig cartoon wants to leave the farm funny animal comic book
Pretty nice drawing throughout – classic 1940’s funny animal comics. I love the clarity and simplicity Smile
Pudgy Pig meets a cartoon butcher who wants to chop him up for meat funny animal comic bookPudgy Pig is going to get sliced into ham  funny animal comic book
The panel below is one of my favorites…
Pudgy Pig escapes from the chopping block all tied up cartoon funny animal comic book
From WOTALIFE Comics #5
(Fox Feature Syndicate) December 1946
Wotalife comic book cover funny animal


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