diy : movember sharpie mugs

In honour of Movember, I'm bringing to you a wonderfully easy, delightful, and hairy DIY in the form of moustache-y sharpie mugs! I've loved seeing these sharpie mugs all over the internet and some of my favs include this cute couple set from A Beautiful Mess, this lovely Pride & Prejudiced themed one. 

For my moustaches, I simply made an outline first and then filled it in with doodle-like scratches. 

On the other side of the mug, I "named" the kind of moustache the cup was representing... I got my inspiration from the photo below =]

Once you're done doodling, put your mugs in the oven and bake away!

Here's my end products: 
I just love how these turned out and can't wait to have a movember tea party with these mugs! 

Disclaimer: Hand-washing these mugs turned out fine, but I would definitely not recommend putting these through the dishwasher. 


p.s. ♥ clara


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