outfit post: peplum shirt - 3 ways

I first noticed that the peplum trend was coming back ever so slowly a few years ago...and I thought it was awful awful awful.  All I could think of were the eighties, and the strange peplum dresses that were so popular back then.

And then I found this shirt....and fell in love.

In my defence, it was the combo of the colour, lace, and back detail that convinced me that it was a good idea to even try on....AND the fact that it was on sale.  Once I had it on I couldn't say no, so here we are today!

So, I decided to style it 3 ways!

1) The first look is super casual, and is a perfect example of how I wear it to school!  I used a drapey sweater and combat boots to help dress it down.
{sweater: UO, peplum shirt: spank, pants: plenty, boots: steve madden}

2)  The next look is a bit more dressy, as I paired it with my favorite blazer, and a pair of wedges.
{blazer: charlotte russe, jeans: AEO, shoes: aldo}

3)  The final look is more formal, and I actually tucked the peplum right into my skirt!  It actually looked pretty cute untucked with a skirt as well, but that was a bit too eighties for my liking...
{skirt: charlotte russe}

The back of this shirt is pretty killer as well!

So, I'm a total hypocrite.  But I'm very happy to have been proven wrong!  It just goes to show that you should give things a try before you judge them (unless it's a mullet....please don't try that.)

I'm still completely stuck in Fall...and loving it.  Most of the trees near my apartment STILL have their leaves on....and it was beautifully sunny today!  I know it's almost December, but I don't want Winter to arrive just yet!

p.s. ♥ kelsey


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