diy: dahlia earrings

It's been a while since I've posted a jewellery diy, and I'm in love with this one!  Although it may be classified as cheating since it's basically the same as my rose earring diy I posted nearly a year ago.  Oh well!  I hope you still enjoy it!

-dahlia cabochons
-earring posts and backs

First dab a bit of glue onto one of your dahlias. Then press an earring post firmly onto the back of the rose. You should apply enough glue that little bit squeezes out when you apply the earring post. Then, use a Q-tip to clean up any excess glue.  Let them dry completely (24 hrs) before wearing!

I found these cabochons on etsy, and they were nice and cheap!  Have I mentioned before how much I love etsy?  It's such a wonderful place.

I really love how simple these are to make, and how adorable the end result is.  Just like the rose earrings, they make really wonderful, handmade (and cheap...hehe) gifts!

p.s. ♥ kelsey 


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