Karrots - Freaky-Looking Funny Animal Comics

Karrots by Cy King cartoon rabbit and dog
Man, I really LOVE that splash page – the art in this story (by Cy King) is super-quirky! And the story is just dumb-as-rocks Smile
Karrots by Cy King from Nutty Life #2 comic book 1946Nutty Life (inc) 2-29Nutty Life (inc) 2-30Nutty Life (inc) 2-31Nutty Life (inc) 2-32
This is one of those stories that just sort of "stops" instead of ending.
..and that was “Karrots” by Cy King - From Nutty Life #2 Summer 1946
Nutty Life (inc) 2-01
Crazy cover, huh? Oh, Pearl!


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