a sweet surprise

Paranoid Kelsey is paranoid....which resulted in blurring out the address to be safe. hah!

99% of the time when I check my mail in Vancouver it's disappointing.  Junk mail, bills, and some more junk mail.

But sometimes, just sometimes, there will be a letter for me....or even better, a note for a parcel!
This was the case on Monday, and I basically ran to the post office to pick up this mystery parcel....and then promptly skipped/sprinted all the way home so I could open it.

As you can tell from the above photo...it was from Clara!
(I loved her note to the post(wo)man...too cute!)

And the note on the inside cracked me up!  Muahaha...now the internet will judge you Clara!
(But mostly they will be jealous that they didn't receive this package!)

Clara basically crammed everything I love inside this package...and it made me a bit teary opening it.  She's such a dear friend to me, and we've been in a "long-distance friendship" for much too long!  This made me miss her so much....but brought so much joy to my heart.

The card even had macaroons on it!  We attempted macaroons for the first time last Christmas...and we both love how beautiful and delicate they are!  Hopefully we'll be trying them again in the near future...and perhaps they'll pop up in a tasty tuesday.

This girl seriously has the best handwriting!  I'm so jealous of her ability to whip out 10 different fonts without batting an eyelash....she's so talented, and this card was so pretty!

Bahaha...these cookies made me laugh!  But I happily munched on them while going through everything else!
(And they were coconut flavored!  One of our greatest shared loves!)

Next is Sherlock Holmes; the Complete Guide to the World's Most Famous Detective.  We're both obsessed with the Sherlock (books, bbc, robert downey jr....ahem, yeah.), and I can't wait to read this!  And she included the prettiest book plates...and one is already at home in the front of the Sherlock book!

And tea!  Now I know I'm not the biggest tea drinker, but now that I'm a fan of iced tea...doors are slowly opening. haha.  I can't wait to try this one out!

Now this is the most adorable little camera I've ever seen...and it even makes a shutter clicking sound and flashes!  It's a wonderful addition to my keychain (which also features Ronald Weasley, a black kitty, and the TARDIS....I'm a nerd, what can I say?).

I'm a HUGE fan of lists...so Clara included a small to-do list just for me! haha.  It was hilarious...and hopefully I'll be checking everything off soon!  Especially the plane ticket purchase!

I am so so thankful for your friendship Clara!  And am so incredibly blessed to have you in my life.  I love you so much...and will see you SOON!  I promise <3
p.s. kelsey ♥


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